Current Research

My long-term research concerns continue to occupy me. Currently I am wending my way through the maze of ethical thought and action articulated by Alfred Russel Wallace at level of international relations. If anything worth communicating materializes from that effort, I will communicate it in conference presentations and perhaps an article or two.

The set of questions revolving around the tensions between individuals and smaller collectivities, such as ethnic or religious groups, and larger societies or nations have given rise recently to a more ambitious effort: a book-length history of my family’s fate in Europe and America during the past century. It delves into relationships between ethnic identity and group, on the one hand, and national consolidation on the other. It begins with the death of my paternal grandfather, a non-commissioned officer in the Austro-Hungarian army, in 1917 on the eastern front and ends in the first year of the Trump administration, in 2017.  The tug of communitarian and cosmopolitan needs and desires figures prominently in this (his)tory, and it speaks directly to my own life.