Selected Publications

Politics in Europe: Structures and Processes in Some Postindustrial Democracies (1974).

Ethnic Conflict in the World Today (1977).

International Energy Policy (coeditor with R. M. Lawrence) (1980).

“Denmark’s Quest for Security: Constraints and Opportunities Within the Alliance” (1985).

From Foreign Workers to Settlers? Transnational Migration and the Emergence of New Minorities (coeditor with B. S. Heisler) (1986).

“Ethnicity and Ethnic Relations in the Modern West” (1990).

The Nordic Region: Changing Perspectives in International Relations (1990).

“Migration and the link between social and societal security” (with Z. Layton-Henry) (1993).

“Contextualizing Global Migration: Sketching the Socio-Political Landscape in Europe” (1998-99).

“International Security Structures and the Baltic Region: The Implications of Alternative Worldviews” (With G. H. Quester) (1999).

“Now and Then, Here and There: Migration and the Transformation of Identities, Borders, and Orders” (2001).

“The Uses and Limitations of Perspective” (2001).

The Politics of History in Comparative Perspective (2008).

“Our Stories, Our Selves: Identities and the Dialogics of Narrative” (2011).

“Then and Now, Here and There: Personal and Academic Perspectives on Migration” (2018).